2019 publications

Franco, A.L.C., Gherardi, L.A., de Tomasel, C.M., Andriuzzi, W.S., Ankrom, K.E., Shaw, E.A., Bach, E.M., Sala, O.E., and Wall, D.H. (2019) Drought suppresses soil predators and promotes root herbivores in mesic, but not in xeric grasslands. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 10.1073/pnas.1900572116. (Featured at CSU SOURCE)

Lee, C.K., Lauglin, D.C., Bottos, E.M., Caruso, T., Joy, K., Barrett, J.E., Brabyn, L., Nielsen, U.N., Adams, B.J., Wall, D.H., Hopkins, D.W., Pointing, S.B., McDonald, I.R., Cowan, D.A., Banks, J.C., Stichbury, G.A., Jones, I., Zawar-Reza, P., Katurji, M., Hogg, I.D., Sparrow, A.D., Storey, B.C., Green, T.G.A., Cary, S.C. (2019) Biotic interactions are an unexpected yet critical control on the complexity of an abiotically driven polar ecosystemCommunications Biology.

Franco A.L.C., Sobral B.W., Silva A.L.C., Wall D.H. (2019) Amazonian deforestation and soil biodiversity. Conservation Biology, 33, 590-600. (Featured in the cover front of the journal’s issue and at a press release at CSU SOURCE)

Shaw, E.A., Boot, C.M., Moore, J.C., Wall, D.H. Baron, J.S. (2019) Long-term nitrogen addition shifts the soil nematode community to bacterivore-dominated and reduces its ecological maturity in a subalpine forestSoil Biology and Biochemistry.