General Science and Sustainability

Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas
The first global synthesis on soil biodiversity and its importance to our living world.

Society of Nematologists
International organization to advance the science of nematology

Women in Polar Science
Women scientists working in Polar Regions

National Science Foundation
One of the premier funding agencies for scientific research in the US

CSU School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Colorado State University’s sustainability organization, under the direction of Dr. Diana Wall

Ecological Society of America
The organization uniting ecological researchers across the US

Soil biology
Page of links relevant to soil biology and ecology

Water Conservation tips
A collection of links on water conservation tips

More water conservation tips
Additional links on ways to conserve water: here and here

Antarctic-related pages

Our blog covering each Antarctic field season

Polar Soils Blog
Track the adventures of Becky Ball as she and her team research soil ecology in Antarctica

The homepage for the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long-Term Ecological Research site

Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
The US organization responsible for interfacing with the greater global Antarctic research community

NSF Office of Polar Programs
The division of the US National Science Foundation responsible for funding Arctic and Antarctic research

Homepage of the Priscu lab at Montana State University.
One of our collaborators on the McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER project

Raytheon Polar Services
The current company providing logistical support for Antarctic research

Latitudinal Gradient Project
Collaborative framework uniting work investigating the Victoria Land coast of Antarctica

Geographic Names Information System: Antarctica
Database of recognized names of Antarctic geographical features

USGS TerraWeb: Antarctica Internet Resources
Mapping resources for Antarctica, maintained by the US Geological Survey

Teachers Experiencing Antarctica
Archival site for the Teachers Experiencing Antarctica program

International Polar Year (IPY)
Archive site for the concentrated, interdisciplinary polar research program from March 2007-March 2009

Soil Biodiversity Sites


International Soil Metagenome Sequencing Consortium. A research coordination network (RCN) supported by the US National Science Foundation (NSF)

Increasing the understanding of the role of soil biodiversity in ecosystem functioning

Soil Biodiversity Portal
Sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Life in the soil-The Relationship Between Agriculture and Soil Organisms
From the Cooperative Research Centre for Soil and Land Management, Adelaide, Australia.

Correcting Estimates Of Root Chemical Composition For Soil Contamination
Details of a program developed by Bill Hunt, Dan Ruess and Ted Elliott at NREL.

GCTE SOMNET database:
“A Global Network and Database of Soil Organic Matter Models and Long-Term Experimental Datasets”.

Long-Term Soil-Ecosystem Studies
The website’s goal is to expand observations and synthesis of global soil change by promoting long-term soil-ecosystem studies (LTSEs).

Global Soil Map
A global, collaborative effort to make a digital soil map covering the entire planet.

Life Under Your Feet
An omnibus site containing information on numerous aspects of soil ecology, education and data resources.


Just for Kids

A website for 4th-6th grade students that presents basic concepts of soil biology which sustain their lives.

Soil Biological Communities
A website for high school and older students, and adults that describes the functions, interaction, and importance of soil organisms.

Introductory Materials

Soil Biology Primer
A 54 pg. booklet available from the Soil and Water Conservation Society.

Environmental Literacy Council – Soil
Descriptions of soils and soil ecosystems and links to U.S. and international data.

Sustainable Soil Management
Informational guide produced by ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas).

Soil Quality
Introduction to soil quality maintained by USDA-NRCS Soil Quality Institute.

Soil Quality Information Sheets
Illustrated fact sheets prepared by USDA-NRCS. Fourteen titles available (in .pdf format) including topics such as Organic Matter, Aggregate Stability, and Soil Biodiversity.


Soil Science Society of America
The Official Web Site for the Soil Science Society of America. The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) is the professional home for over 6,000 professionals throughout the world dedicated to the advancement of soil science.

Soil Ecology Society
Become a member of the Soil Ecology Society here

Soil Ecology and Restoration Group (SERG)
Based out of the Center for Conservation Biology at the University of California-Riverside.

U.S. National Committee for Soil Science
The U.S. National Committee for Soil Science (USNC/SS) represents the interests of the U.S. soil science community in the International Union of Soil Sciences

Australian Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN)
Interactive species distribution reporting, mapping and modelling

CSIRO-Division of Soils
Contains link to pages dealing with soil biodiversity and agriculture

US Bureau of Land Management
Find more information about the US Bureau of Land Management here

18th World Congress of Soil Science
July 9-15, 2006

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