Great Plains Methane Protocols

The Great Plains Methane Project (GPM) Overview

The overall goal of the GPM is to improve the mechanistic understanding of CH4 uptake in oxic soils and to begin development of next-generation models that can better predict changes in the strength of this sink.  The objectives of this study are to:

1) Collect data on CH4 uptake and its ecophysiological controls from a diverse collection of sites.

2) Determine the controls of CH4 uptake, especially evaluating  the importance of methanotroph community composition.

3) Improve DAYCENT predictions of CH4 uptake in the face of climate change



Ammonium Inhibition Protocol

A.I. Protocol Version 4.1


Field Methods for Chamber Fluxes

Using field chambers to collect gas samples.  [youtube][/youtube]

Diluting the SF6 [youtube][/youtube]

Injecting SF6 into a sampling chamber [youtube][/youtube]

Methods for Methane Sampling

Analyzing Chamber Flux Samples


Michaelis-Menten Kinetics of Methane Consumption

MM Protocol-just procedure V2.1


“Occult” Methane Production (Stable Isotope Pool Dilution)

MTRS Protocol Appendix A Version 7

Protocol for MTRS Incubations of Great Plains Methane Soils Version 5.1


Soil Microbial Community Analyses



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