Non-technical Description of Our Work

Humans have long searched fields and forest for plants to serve their needs.  Instead of endless searching, we now have the capability to directly re-design plants to serve humans using synthetic biology.  Plant synthetic biology is a broad approach to purposely design and synthesize genes and genetic systems for specific purposes using principles typically found in traditional engineering. 

We are interested in producing plants that provide humans with tools to know if their air and water are clean, clean renewable biofuels, and do so in ways that have a positive impact on the environment that we all share. 

Morning in the Rocky Mountains

Morning in the Rocky Mountains

 Information about our work:

  •  Synthetic Signal Transduction System.  Think of this as a Biological Wire:  a means to link what is outside a plant to what happens inside.

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  • Biofuels:  Renewable Energy has to be controlled.  This part is fun but has a lot of interest.  Contact June Medford for more information.