Life In Colorado and the Lab


Views of Fort Collins where the Medford Lab is located. The lab is in the lower left corner of the image to the left.

Summer Fun……Hiking, rafting, water skiing.

Hiking in nearby mountainsHeading towards the wildernesspoudre river in springForest in the Morning






Hiking to the Fallstimberline-falls-RMNPplaying-among-the-flowers

Fall into Winter………WinterComing Collegiate PeakKevin_skiingSnowshoeing-with-lexieGreat Sand Dunes-Mount of Holy Crosssnowshoeing-Zimmerman Lake

America lakes trail early spring

Winter in the Snowy Range Mtn WY

Winter in the Snowy Mtn Range Mtn WY

Lab Water Skiing Day

Lab Water Skiing Day--just like snow skiing but wetter