Detecting fake antibiotics

Dr. Kat Boehle, who recently graduated from our group, did a lot of work regarding the detection of falsified antibiotics. Click here for a news release about her work, or see below for a video made by a team at CSU about her work.


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Casey’s Defense

Back in July, Casey Quinn successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on air sampling devices. He will be continuing his work with Dr. John Volckens at CSU on air sampler development.

Congratulations Dr. Quinn!

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Summer Wrap up

As we wrap up the summer and get ready for the semester to start again, we sadly said good-bye to a few of our group members. We went from a group of 21 down to 13. We wish them luck in their future endeavors!

Rob Channon, Post-doc – Post-doc under Professor Sylvain Ladame, Imperial College London (UK)
Zarina Munshi, M.S.
Casey Quinn, Ph.D. – Air sampler development work with John Volckens, CSU
Kevin Klunder, Ph.D.
Mike Nguyen, Ph.D. – Post-doc under Professor Richard Crooks, University of Texas at Austin
Chase Gerold, Ph.D. – Adjunct Professor, CSU
Kat Boehle, Ph.D.
Jaruwan Mettakoonpitak, Ph.D. – Professor, Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University, Thailand
Katrina Puck, M.S. – CSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab


The new group, as of August 2018

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Congratulations Kevin

Last week Kevin successfully defended his thesis on “expanding phthalocyanines and carbon composites for use in sensing, microfluidics and dye sensitized solar cells”. That is now five Henry group Dr’s graduated in the last 6 weeks!

#onewordplastics #sosimpleacavemancoulddoit

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Congratulations to Chase and Mike!

Congratulations to Dr. Chase Gerold, who successfully defended his thesis last week on “Microfluidics for Environmental Analysis.” The next day, Dr. Mike Nguyen defended his thesis on “Developing High-Performance Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Devices.” We will miss both of them in the lab.

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Kat’s defense

Last week Kat successfully defended her Thesis on advancing point-of-need bacteria detection using microfluidic paper-based analytical devices. To celebrate the new Dr’s (Kat and Jaruwan) and say goodbye to Katrina, the group went out for dinner with families and previous group members. It was a lovely chance to catch up with old friends and a rare opportunity to have 6 Henry group Dr’s around one table!

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Kate – Chateaubriand STEM fellow

We are pleased to announce that Kate has been awarded a Chateaubriand STEM Fellowship, to work on electrochemical sensors with Professor Philippe Hapiot this fall in Rennes, France. Phillipe is the CNRS Director of Research in the Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes, at the Université de Rennes.

Chateaubriand fellowships are for doctoral students and aim to initiate or reinforce collaborations, partnerships or joint projects between French and American research teams. This fellowship is offered by the Office for Science & Technology (OST) of the Embassy of France in partnership with American universities and French research organizations such as Inserm and Inria. It is a partner of the NSF’s GROW program.

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Last week, Jaruwan, Mike, Chase and Katrina walked at the graduate school commencement ceremony. This was a wonderful opportunity for family members and lab friends to see our 5th years walk, and a great chance to catch Chuck in his formal robes.

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Jaruwan defends her Thesis

Congratulations to (Dr) Jaruwan Mettakoonpitak who successfully defended her Thesis on “Low-Cost Analysis Tools for Compositional Analysis of Particulate Matter”



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Congratulations, Mike

One of our senior grad students, Mike Nguyen, is the recipient of the Black/African American Cultural Center Special Friend Award, which is awarded every year. This award was created to recognize individuals who have been a true friend to the Black/African American Cultural Center by going over and beyond the call of duty to ensure the collective growth of cultural communities.

Congratulations, Mike!

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