Welcome to the Funk Lab

We strive to understand the evolutionary and ecological mechanisms that generate and maintain biological diversity using population genomics, experimental manipulations, and field studies. Our goal is to not only test basic evolutionary and ecological theory, but also directly inform policy and management decisions that will ultimately determine the fate of biodiversity.



“Dream Team” submit complete manuscript of “Conservation and the Genomics of Populations” to Oxford University Press!

Chris Funk, Margaret Byrne, Sally Aitken, Fred Allendorf, and Gordon Luikart, July 2019, University of Montana, Missoula, MT.

Fred Allendorf, Sally Aitken, Margaret Byrne, Gordon Luikart, and Chris submitted the complete manuscript for Conservation and the Genomics of Populations, 3rd edition, to Oxford University Press for publication! This “dream team” of conservation […]

Daryl Trumbo lands postdoctoral position at Virginia Tech!

Congratulations to Daryl Trumbo for landing a new postdoc in the Mims lab at Virginia Tech! Daryl’s new postdoc focuses on invasive species biology and population genomics. Daryl will help develop a data-driven, landscape model to help managers optimize control of aquatic invasive species (i.e., bullfrogs) and promote the persistence of at-risk native species […]

Funk Lab alumnus–John Kronenberger–lands prestigious Conservation Genomics Internship at the National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation!

Congratulations to John Kronenberger – former Master’s student in the Funk and Angeloni labs – for landing a Conservation Genomics Internship through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE). John will be working at the National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation, a part of the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station […]

Funk lab alumnus Brian Gill lands new postdoc at the University of Arizona!

Congratulations to Funk lab alumnus Dr. Brian Gill who has accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Research Associate with Principal Investigator Michael Bogan in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Arizona. Brian will work on StreamCLIMES, an NSF funded Macrosystems Biology project with the goal of understanding […]

Collaborative research on genetic rescue featured in Science magazine!

Trinidadian guppy pair. Photo credit: Paul Bentzen.

Our collaborative research on genetic rescue was featured in Science magazine. Former Funk Lab PhD student, Dr. Sarah Fitzpatrick (now an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University), was featured prominently in the article written by Elizabeth Pennisi. Sarah talked about our latest research using guppies […]

Congratulations to Rebecca Cheek for passing her comprehensive exam!

Rebecca and her PhD committee (Lise Aubry, Cam Ghalambor, Chris Funk, and Scott Sillett (remotely) after her successful comprehensive exam.

Rebecca Cheek, PhD CANDIDATE!!

Congratulations to Team Ascaphus for another successful field season!

2018 Team Ascaphus: (from left to right) Brenna Forester, Amanda Cicchino, and Kat Pain.

Congratulations to 2018 Team Ascaphus (Brenna Forester [postdoc], Amanda Cicchino [PhD student], and Kat Pain [undergrad field assistant]) for completing another successful coastal tailed frog (Ascaphus truei) field season. They collected tissues, specimens, and thermal tolerance data in […]

Another productive retreat at CSU Mountain Campus to work on our NSF EEID puma disease project

We had another productive retreat at the CSU Mountain Campus to work on our NSF EEID puma disease project (aka, the “Felidae” project). Current Funk Lab members working on this project include Daryl Trumbo and Chris Funk. Read more about the project here. […]

Please meet DR. Shah!

DR. Shah!

Congratulations to Alisha Shah for successfully defending her dissertation! Dr. Shah completed an impressive dissertation focusing on variation in thermal tolerance across latitude and elevation in stream insects. She moves to Missoula in January to join the lab of Dr. Art Woods as an NSF postdoc (see previous post for […]

Congrats to John Kronenberger for getting a job!!!

Thumbs up to getting a job.

Congratulations to John Kronenberger (former MS student co-advised with Lisa Angeloni), who has just landed a job as a Fisheries Genetics Lab Technician at US Forest Service’s National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation in Missoula, Montana! Another Funkling finding gainful employment doing something they […]