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We strive to understand the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that generate and maintain biological diversity using population genomics, experimental manipulations, and field studies. Our goal is to not only test basic ecological and evolutionary theory, but also directly inform policy and management decisions that will ultimately determine the fate of biodiversity.



Breaking news: camera traps yield first photos of elusive ocelots (a.k.a., “Spots”) in the threatened Northern Range rainforests of Trinidad!!!

 spots1 Wonderful holiday news from Brasso Seco, Trinidad, where our camera traps have captured the first photos of our target species–ocelots (a.k.a. “spots” in Trini)–in the beautiful and threatened forests of the Northern Range of Trinidad!!! In addition, our latest batch of photos include peccary, ant eater, armadillo, opposum, deer, agouti, Lappe (paca), rodents, and squirrel (stay tuned for new photos)! Clearly, these forests are rich with wildlife and are a national T&T treasure. This is a collaborative project with Carl Fitzjames and Kelly Warren from Brasso Seco as part of our guppy gene flow project.

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