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We strive to understand the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that generate and maintain biological diversity using population genomics, experimental manipulations, and field studies. Our goal is to not only test basic ecological and evolutionary theory, but also directly inform policy and management decisions that will ultimately determine the fate of biodiversity.



Pilot camera trap project in Northern Range of Trinidad yields its first photos of rare and elusive wildlife!!

Brocket Deer 1Brocket deer (Mazama sp.) “caught” in camera trap! Sarah Fitz and Dale Broder sent five camera traps (aka, “Cat-Cams”) to collaborators in Trinidad to try to photo-document rare forest mammals in the Northern Range. The cameras were used with success in the 2013 Trinidadian BioBlitz in the Arima Valley! Check out these photos of the rare and extremely shy brocket deer (Mazama sp.)! Next, the cameras will be installed across some of the most remote and pristine rainforest, outside of Brasso Seco Village, where we hope to document the elusive Ocelot! This outreach is part of our guppy gene flow project.
Brocket Deer 2Another photo of a brocket deer photographed in camera trap! IMG_1769Sarah Fitzpatrick setting up camera traps with the legendary Trinidadian ornithologist and naturalist, Carl Fitzjames.

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