Symantec 11.0.5 for Windows

By Ross Madden
Published on October 27, 2009 10:00 am MT
Posted in Apple, Security News, Windows

ACNS has just made available the new version of Symantec Endpoint Protection. This version not only solves the various firewall issues we were experiencing but also works properly with Windows 7. As I reported earlier, Windows 7 was popping up an annoying driver compatibility warning (

If you are suffering from the 11.0.4 SEP installation that has disabled your Windows Firewall you must do one of the following when upgrading to SEP 11.0.5:

  • – Manual Intervention – upgrade to SEP 11.0.5 by downloading the installer from the link below and running it.  Then turning on your WIndows Firewall from within the Control Panel manually.
  • – Manually Uninstall SEP 11.0.4 first, then download and install SEP 11.0.5

SEP 11.0.5 can now be downbloaded at the following URL:

Sorry to all the Snow Leopard users – it still looks like January 2010 for version 10.3 to be released.

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