RStor: How To

By Ross Madden
Published on August 13, 2018 9:34 am MT
Updated on February 7, 2019 10:33 am MT
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This article is designed to help you connect to an RStor network share.  If you are unsure of what an RStor share is, check out the following article and let us know if you still have questions:

Connecting to RStor

Now that you have a new RStor network share, how do you connect to it?  At its core RStor is just a network share, where users with the proper access can connect, and collaborate in a common data store.  After you request access to RStor through CNSIT, you will be given a Share Name, this is the variable used to identify the correct path when connection.  Below are syntax examples for Windows and MacOS:

Windows – Explorer->”Map Network Drive” syntax

MacOS – Finder->”Connect to Server” syntax


RStor requires a valid CSU eID account to use.  Depending on whether your machine is domain connected, you may need to specify the COLOSTATE domain before your eName while authenticating as shown below:


Managing RStor

To update details of your RStor share, you will most likely have to contact CNSIT by submitting a ticket:
This includes the following:

  • Adding/Removing access to members (DIY Guide:
  • Increasing/Decreasing your storage quota (Increases may occur at any time.  Decreases may occur annually.)
  • Modifying the account code used for charges (“53” accounts cannot be used for RStor, unless the associated project explicitly states this is allowed.)


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