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Published on March 16, 2012 1:54 pm MT
Updated on May 21, 2020 12:27 pm MT

This post is marked as Deprecated and therefore contains outdated information.

pangea-vm_iconIMPORTANT – Pangea is now sunset in favor of more current technologies.  Please review the following:

Pangea is the CNSIT South File Serving Service. Affiliates for departments within CNSIT South (Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry) can access Pangea from anywhere in the world. Pangea goes above and beyond a typical file serving service in that it promotes sharing, collaboration, and un-rivaled availability and connectivity. Not only does Pangea give users of CNSIT South a safe, secure, regularly backed up area for their active files, it is also the gateway for you to manage some web pages as well as your portal for collaboration among CSU colleagues.


To use Pangea you must be an affiliate of a department supported by CNSIT South. Currently, this includes, Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry. You must also have a current and active eID account for authentication. If you have do not know or have forgotten what your eID Password is, please visit the eID web site:

Are You Off-Campus?

If you are connecting to Pangea from off campus you will need to establish a VPN connection prior to attempting a Pangea connection. Information on CSU’s VPN can be found here:

Pangea Downloads

The easy method for connecting to Pangea is used when you are using a computer that you own, or that the University owns. This method for connection connects you to Pangea through a protocol called SAMBA (SMB). Connecting to Pangea in this way involves running a program that is freely available for download below, all you have to do is identify whether you are running a Windows based computer or a Macintosh.

Stable Version:
Installation Method: ClickOnce – Microsoft Edge/MS Internet Explorer or appropriate browser plug-in Required to Install
Installed size: 389KB
Requirements: Windows 7 Professional SP1 or newer
Download: Link Removed – Microsoft Edge/MS Internet Explorer or appropriate browser plug-in Required to Install

Stable Version: 1.2.1
Filesize: 743KB
Requirements: Mac OS 10.12 or newer
Download: Link Removed
IMPORTANT! See the following article for important security setting changes that may be required:

NEW!  Advanced Connecting to the Next Generation Pangea Service –

The Fine Print

Pangea is not a back up server.  Pangea users are responsible for backing up any data stored on Pangea.  It is not meant to act as a cold storage archive for sleeping data.  Pangea data must be active, and of a scope that involves the University and its research and business.  Personal data, music libraries, illegal copyrighted material, classified data and material, or other non-university related material is not to be stored on Pangea.  Any such material found may cause data to be purged without notice as well as possible account termination.

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