Pangea in the Yates 212 Computer Lab

By Ross Madden
Published on April 27, 2012 10:26 am MT
Updated on July 24, 2019 10:54 am MT
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This post is marked as Deprecated and therefore contains outdated information.

Student Computers

The teaching classroom located in Yates 212 is set up like most teaching computer labs, with an auto-login account that exists on the college domain.  To facilitate some type of file sharing solution, we created a special Pangea (What is Pangea?) share which is automatically mapped to each of the student computers.  You will see this icon located on the desktop and it also appears as the L drive.  This space has some special permissions and only allow the student computers to write to the directory called ‘Student Storage“.  All other directories are controlled by the instructors.

Since these computers are auto-logged in to Pangea already, users with personal Pangea accounts are not able to access these accounts.  You must use the instructor computer to access your personal Pangea space.

Instructor Computer

The instructor computer is located at the front of the classroom in a clear location.  This computer is set up a little differently, in that each instructor must log in with their CSU eID to gain access.  Once logged in, you will be able to run and use Pangea in your normal fashion.

NOTE: Currently, this Pangea share is located on the BIOLOGY Pangea instance.  Those who live on the CNSIT instance (BMB and Chemistry) will have to take care in making sure you are connecting to the right Pangea for instructor access to these files.

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