Lamar Update will require Secure IMAP

By Ross Madden
Published on April 26, 2012 9:00 am MT
Posted in E-mail, General CNSIT, Knowledge Base

ACNS is planning a server upgrade/switch for Lamar this summer.  While they are making that switch, they are also going to tighten it down a bit more in the security department by requiring users connect via the Secure IMAP protocol.  Basically this means that IMAP clients will need to use an SSL connection to port 993 on Lamar.  Insecure IMAP connections to port 143 on Lamar will cease to function.

This change is going to take place at some point this summer, and ACNS was kind enough to send us a list of those users that are currently connecting using the old, insecure method.  We will be contacting those users directly, but wanted to get this information out here as well.

I am including a link that will help almost everyone migrate over to the new secure IMAP settings.  This link, maintained by ACNS currently has instructions for Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora and Mac Mail.  Let us know if you are using something different and we can figure those directions out with you.

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