CSU WIFI name change

By Ross Madden
Published on August 19, 2014 9:20 am MT
Updated on August 19, 2014 9:24 am MT
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Message below is from ACNS:

Last week, two new wireless networks were sent across campus.

csu-eid: This is to replace csu-net and csu-net5.   Since most all wireless problems were due to misconfiguration or confusion over usernames, we developed csu-eid to address both issues – you use your eID as the username and we provide a configuration tool: http://xpressconnect.acns.colostate.edu/csu-eid

csu-guest: This is to replace the much loved (I’m joking there) “csu” wireless network that, as you may fondly recall, required a guest to have a username and password to get on the network.   The new csu-guest does not require that.  Note that it is slower and has some port restrictions.  Also, folks using “csu-guest” can only get to resources on campus that the rest of the Internet can get to.


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