Connect to Pangea from an iPad/iPhone using FileBrowser

By Ross Madden
Published on March 21, 2012 2:45 pm MT
Updated on November 15, 2019 2:30 pm MT
Posted in Internet & Networking, Knowledge Base, Pangea

This post is marked as Deprecated and therefore contains outdated information.

I have often gotten asked how someone can connect to their Pangea files from their iPad or iPhone.  This can be a very useful tool if you ever plan on teaching with your iDevice, or just want to be able to get at a file while on the road.  I discovered FileBrowser many months ago and am finally getting around to creating a tutorial on how to configure this app for use with Pangea.  The app itself costs a few bucks – but is well worth it if you have the need.

Below you will find a screen shot from an iPad viewing the information needed to connect to the CNSIT Pangea.  When you see eName listed below in these settings, make sure you replace that with your CSU eName.

Address: \\\eName

Display Name: Pangea

User Name: colostate\eName

Password: Your CSU ePassword

Now, just match up the rest of the entries (although I think those are defaults) and you should be all set!

One other note to remember, if you are off campus, make sure to connect to CSU via the SSL Gateway first!


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