CNSIT South Graduate Student Orientation

By Ross Madden
Published on August 15, 2016 1:24 pm MT
Updated on May 21, 2020 12:23 pm MT
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Your CSU eID Account

Your CSU eName (aka, eID) is your University wide username.  This, in combination with your CSU password, is what you will use to gain access to almost all resources you have access to.

Your E-mail Account (O365)

Your CSU inbox is where mail sent to your CSU e-mail address is delivered.  There are many aliases for this e-mail address, but all are delivered into a single e-mail inbox.  One such alias is your
You can edit the first name portion of this alias at

All new graduate students now receive an O365 account.  This has a 100GB quota, and can be accessed using the online portal NOTE: You must log in with your username in the following format to all O365 services  You can also set up a laptop or mobile device using directions found on the following page:

You can also set up a forward from your CSU O365 e-mail to some other address using the Settings in the O365 web portal at

Microsoft Office 365 (O365)

O365 also comes with a few other cool bits.  First, Microsoft Office, the actual client installed software, can be downloaded and installed on up to 5 personally owned computers per account.

Microsoft OneDrive is also available, and currently boasts 5TB of cloud based file storage!  Check out this URL for more information:

All O365 services can be found using the portal at

Your Personal Computer

You should check out the following page on the status of any software licensing deals that are available:

CSU-EID Wifi Access

You can access Wireless on campus from almost everywhere.  When looking for wifi, please only select the ‘csu-eid’ SSID.  This will take your CSU eID as authentication.  You can find more information about CSU-EID here:

Other CSU Systems and Acronyms

Canvas ( – This is CSU’s implementation of Course Management Technology.  A web based learning management tool for posting class content.

RAMWeb ( – A student web portal which provides online access to application status, registration, financial information, personal records, jobs, etc.

AriesWeb – ( – Web based tool for instructors, etc. to post grades.

AAR – ( – This stands for the Administrative Access and Resources – giving financial information (Pay Stubs) to Faculty, and Staff.  This is often a gateway to other services such as Kuali and Timeclock+.

Kuali – This is the University’s purchasing gateway tool used for procuring products through online vendor punchouts.  You access Kuali through the CAP.

Off Campus Access

In order to access on campus resources (CSU Libraries, department servers, etc.) from an off campus location, you will use the CSU Secure Gateway located at  This will tunnel you in behind the campus border firewall for a specific session.  You may also use the Network Connect tool at this gateway to tunnel all of your traffic.

You can also install the Pulse Secure SSL application, which will allow you to tunnel all computer traffic behind the firewall.  Instructions for using this appear here:

Getting Computer Help

Help is available through CNSIT and consist of full time staff, Ross Madden and Aaron Vanasse.  Contact information is located online at

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