Biology Building: IT Information for the move!

By Ross Madden
Published on July 11, 2017 3:12 pm MT
Updated on August 1, 2017 2:59 pm MT
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I would like to use this post to maintain some important information regarding IT and the impending move to the new Building!

Card Readers

Card readers are currently being worked on by facilities.  Some work, some do not.  We will keep the department updated, and alert everyone via the departmental e-mail list once these are all online.  Thank you for your patience!

VOIP Phones

At this stage, all VOIP phones should have been moved to the Biology building.  Please let us know immediately if there is a phone still living over in A/Z that needs to be moved.

IMPORTANT!  DO NOT MOVE YOUR PHONES TO THE NEW BUILDING.  These need to remain where they are so that Telecom can officially move them.

As of this moment, all VOIP phone orders have been submitted.

We have requested that lab phones be moved, either to the location specified (if we received a preference), or in the general area along a wall in your lab’s assigned core bench area.

Where needed, a new phone has been ordered for each of the graduate student offices surrounding the core.

For existing phones in offices, move orders have been submitted to Telecom who will physically transfer the phones to their new locations.  We do not have an exact schedule for this, so expect that there is at least a small amount of time where your existing phone is offline.

For folks that are getting new phones installed in their office (those who never had a phone) – you should expect that phones are already installed and waiting for you in the new building!

Network Data Jacks

As a best effort, we have requested that in all areas of the building, half of the data ports are patched and live.  So, for each wall plate of ports, half will be active, starting with the top left port.  If you need additional ports activated, you can request this via a CNSIT ticket – please be sure to indicate the port number, room number, and PI/Lab along with the purpose for the port activation.

In addition to this, all network ports in known computer heavy rooms will be active.  We have also requested that all data ports in the Graduate Student offices surround the core labs on floors 2 through 4 be active.

The best way to know if a port is active is to plug it in and see if you can browse the Internet!

Wireless Network

As with the rest of campus, the CSU-EID network is ready and functioning (as of right now) in the new building!  Any devices configured to use this network will function normally without any additional configuration.  If you encounter an area where this isn’t the case, please submit a CNSIT ticket with as much information about the area and device in use.

Networked Printers

With the new building, comes a new network and subnet.  So, things like printers will all need to be reconfigured.  The simplest way to do this is to just remove the old printer, and re-add it with its new IP address.  All networked printers (I hope!) have already been set to receive a new static IP address when they wake up on the network in the new building.  We have also already labeled all of these new printers with their new Biology Building IP Address (starts with 10.1.206 …).

So, the process we will take in connecting a computer to the “new” printer is to just remove the old one.  Then, just follow our normal network printer setup directions with the new IP Address.  Those directions can be found here:

Network Backup System (Retrospect)

As with the network printers, our backup system is IP based.  So, for a time, your machine will not be backed up.  To mitigate this time, we will wait to move the backup system hardware to the new building until half of the department has moved (this allows for the remaining half to continue being backed up).  After half have moved, the hardware will move, and the folks already in the new building will regain backup functionality.  All remaining folks will regain this functionality once they finally move.

How To Get Help?

The best way to get help during this process is to submit a CNSIT ticket – at the following URL:

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