Recent Publications

Broz, A.K., R F. Guerrero, A.M. Randle, Y. S. Baek, M.W. Hahn, and P. A. Bedinger. Transcriptomic analysis links gene expression to unilateral pollen-pistil reproductive barriers. BMC Plant Biol, in revision

Bedinger, P.A., A.K. Broz, A. Tovar-Mendez, and B. McClure (2017) Pollen-pistil interactions and their role in mate selection. Plant Physiol. 173:79-90      PDF

Broz, A.K., A. M. Randle, S.A. Sianta, A. Tovar-Mendez, B. McClure and P.A. Bedinger (2017) Dynamics of reproductive barriers at the northern margin of wild tomato species S. habrochaites: consequences for mating systems, interspecific incompatibility and inter-population interactions. New Phytologist 213:440-454 doi: 10.1111/nph.14130     PDF

Baek, YS, S.M. Royer, A. K. Broz, P.A. Covey, G. López-Casado, R. Nuñez, P.J. Kear, M. Bonierbale, M. Orillo, E. van der Knaap, S.M. Stack, B. McClure, R.T. Chetelat, and P.A. Bedinger (2016) Pre- and postzygotic reproductive isolating barriers in sympatric wild tomato species. American J. Botany 103:1964-1978 (selected for cover and Highlight of issue) doi:10.3732/ajb.1600356     PDF

Fleming, M., S. R. Decker, P. A. Bedinger (2016) Investigating the role of extensin proteins in polar biomass recalcitrance. BioResources 11(2): 4727-4744 doi: 10.15376/biores.11.2.4727-4744     PDF

Baek, YS, P.A. Covey, J. J. Petersen, R.T. Chetelat, B. McClure and P. A. Bedinger Testing the SI × SC rule: pollen-pistil interactions in interspecific crosses between members of the tomato clade (Solanum section Lycopersicon, Solanaceae)  (2015) American J. Botany 102 ( 2 ): 302 – 311 (Selected for Highlight of issue)     PDF

Tovar-Méndez, A.; A. Kumar, K. Kondo, A. Ashford, Y.S. Baek, L. Welch, P.A. Bedinger, and B. McClure.  Restoring pistil-side self-incompatibility factors recapitulates an interspecific reproductive barrier between tomato species (2014) The Plant Journal 77: 727–736     PDF


Past Publications


Chalivendra, S.C., G. Lopez-Casado,  A. Kumar, A.R.  Kassenbrock, S. Royer, A. Tovar-Mendez, P. A. Covey, L.A. Dempsey, A.M. Randle, S. M. Stack, J.K.C. Rose, B. McClure and P. A. Bedinger (2013) Developmental onset of reproductive barriers and associated proteome changes in stigma/styles of Solanum pennellii J. Experimental Botany, 64: 265-279

Lopez-Casado, G., P. A. Covey, P. A. Bedinger, L. A. Mueller, T. W. Thannhauser, S.  Zhang, Z.  Fei, J. J. Giovannoni and J. K.C. Rose (2012) Enabling Proteomic Studies with RNA-Seq: The Proteome of Tomato Pollen as a Test Case Proteomics 12: 761-774

Bedinger, P. A., R. Chetelat, B. McClure, L. Moyle, J. Rose, S. Stack, E. van der Knaap, Y. S.  Baek, G. Lopez-Casado, P. Covey, A. Kumar, W. Li, ,  R. Nunez, and S. Royer (2011) Interspecific Reproductive Barriers in the Tomato Clade: Opportunities to Decipher Mechanisms of Reproductive Isolation, Sexual Plant Reproduction 24:171–187

Bedinger, P.A., G. L. Pearce, and P. A. Covey (2010) RALFs: peptide regulators of plant growth, Plant Signaling and Behavior 5:1-5

Covey, P.A., K. Kondo, L. Welch, E. Frank, S. Sianta, A. Kumar, E.van der Knaap, R. Nunez, G. Lopez-Casado, J.K.C. Rose, B.A. McClure, and P.A. Bedinger (2010) Multiple Features that Distinguish Unilateral Incongruity and Self-incompatibility in the Tomato Clade, The Plant Journal 64: 367–378

Covey, P., R.L. Parsons, C. A. Ryan, F. Lay, M. Anderson, G. Pearce and P. A. Bedinger (2010) PRALF, a peptide regulator of pollen tube growth in S. lycopersicum Plant Physiology 153: 703-715

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Baumberger N., B. Doesseger, R. Guyot , A. Diet, R.L. Parsons, M.A. Clark, M.P. Simmons, P. Bedinger, C. Ringli and B. Keller (2003) Whole-genome comparison of LRR-extensins (LRXs) in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa: a conserved family of cell wall proteins form a vegetative and a reproductive clade. Plant Physiology 131: 1313-1326

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