Welcome to the Bedinger Lab Website.  In my lab we work on a diversity of topics in plant biology including:

1) The evolution of intra-and inter-specific reproductive barriers in wild tomato species,

2) Identification of the molecular mechanisms that underlie reproductive isolation within and among species of wild tomato,

3) Regulation of pollen-tube growth and pollen development, and

4) The role of extensins in cell wall structure.

Much of our research has practical applications for horticulture (e.g., introduction of wild germplasm into domesticated tomato) and sustainability (e.g., understanding how components of cell wall structure inhibit efficient digestion of plant material for use as a biofuel).Patricia Bedinger

To learn more click below:

Extensins and Cell Wall Recalcitrance

Interspecific Reprodictuve Barriers in the Tomato Clade

Pollen Development

Pollen Tube Growth