Dr. Walter S. Andriuzzi


Walter’s CV

Walter S. Andriuzzi is a post-doctoral researcher in Diana Wall’s lab in the Department of Biology and in the School of Global Enviromental Sustainabilty. He is working on NSF-funded research on the soil biological communities of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica, and on other projects ranging from grasslands to desert ecosystems.

He received a double-institution PhD degree from University College Dublin (Ireland) and Wageningen University (the Netherlands), with a thesis on the role of earthworms in ecosystem functioning. He obtained a Master of Research in Ecology at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland, UK), where his research thesis was on the effects of grazing removal and seabird-derived nutrient deposition on soil nematodes. His BSc and MSc degrees were in Natural Sciences at the University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy), with a final dissertation on soil micro-arthropods.

His favourite soil organisms are Scottnema lindsayae, Allolobophora chlorotica (green morph), and box mites.

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