Dr. André Franco


Dr. André Franco is a soil ecologist who studies the role of soil fauna in carbon cycling and how soil biodiversity loss through major global environmental changes alters carbon dynamics.

André completed his doctorate in Soil Science at University of São Paulo in Piracicaba, Brazil, on May 2015. His dissertation research addressed the responses of soil macroinvertebrates to land use change for bioenergy cropping in Brazil and how these changes in soil fauna impact soil carbon storage.

André moved to Colorado State University in Summer 2015. As a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Biology, he is working with Dr. Diana Wall and Dr. Osvaldo Sala (Arizona State University) on a NSF-funded research examining which mechanisms govern the responses of primary productivity to water availability in U.S. grassland ecosystems. His focus in this project is to study the sensitivity to water availability of root feeder nematodes and their predators and its linkages to above- and below-ground productivity from desert to humid grasslands.

André’s CV

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