San Gerardo Photos

San Gerardo is a small field station located on the Caribbean slope of the Tilarán Mountains in Costa Rica. The station, at an elevation of about 1,200 m, is a few mile walk down from the Santa Elana Reserve, near Monteverde. The station provides access to a portion of the vast Bosque Eterno de Los Niños. In addition to lots of great Psychotria and Palicourea species, we got to see an Umbrellabird roost, and great views of Volcan Arenal.

San Gerardo Field Station.

John and Scott Stark enjoy the porch.

Scott Stark and I enjoy the porch.

View of Volcan Arenal from San Gerardo.

Psychotria correa floral bracts (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria correa (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria correa (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria orosiodies flowers (Psychotria sensu stricto clade).

Psychotria orosiodies fruits (Psychotria sensu stricto clade).