Rara Avis Photos

Here are some photos from Rara Avis, a small field station located on the Caribbean slope of Volcan Barva.  Most of the forest is at about 700 m elevation, and is situated up the mountain from La Selva.

The kitchen/dining area of Rara Avis.

The ride up the poor road in this tractor is fun.

There was semi-wild yet not shy tapir that hung around camp sometimes.

Canopy of Psychotria allenii (Palicourea clade) - this is one of the largest Palicourea clade species I have seen!

Palicourea gomezii flowers.

Palicourea gomezii.

Psychotria pilosa (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria sarapiquiensis fruits (Psychotria sensu stricto clade).

Beautiful tropical stream.

Psychotria buchtienii (Palicourea clade); Central American specimens have often been mislabeled Psychotria officinalis.

Faramea surrensis (Rubiaceae).

Psychotria hoffmannseggiana fruits (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria luxurians stipules (Palicourea clade).

Beautiful tropical waterfall.

Swimming hole at the top of the waterfall.

Taking a dip with Scott at the top of the waterfall swimming hole.

Taking in the view...


Large butressed tree near top of the waterfall...

Large butressed tree, a few days later - the tree was now at the base of the waterfall. Forest dynamics in action!