La Gamba Photos

La Gamba is a small field station, original set up by Austrian researchers, located in the Pacific lowland forests of the Golfo Dulce region of Costa Rica.  The station owns a little bit of property that is adjacent to the Piedras Blancas National Park.  This region is extremely hot and humid, and is home to many of the same Psychotria and Palicourea species found in the Caribbean lowlands, such as the forests around La Selva and La Suerte.

Tropostation La Gamba.

Forest view from a La Gamba trail.

Psychotria acuminata with inflorescences (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria cooperi flowers (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria cooperi fruits (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria mortoniana (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria mortoniana stipules (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria panamensis compressicaulis (Psychotria sensu stricto clade).

Psychotria poeppigiana floral bracts and flowers (Palicourea clade).

Psychotria chagrensis (Psychotria sensu stricto clade).

Ronabea latifolia flowers (formerly Psychotria erecta).

Ronabea latifolia fruits (formerly Psychotria erecta).

Psychotria elata flowers and fruits (Palicourea clade).

Palicourea calidicola inflorescence (formerly Psychotria calidicola).

Psychotria buchtienii fruits (Palicourea clade); Central American specimens are often mislabeled Psychotria officinalis.