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We strive to understand the evolutionary and ecological mechanisms that generate and maintain biological diversity using population genomics, experimental manipulations, and field studies. Our goal is to not only test basic evolutionary and ecological theory, but also directly inform policy and management decisions that will ultimately determine the fate of biodiversity.



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Funk Lab Group

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Photo Name Position Research E-mail & website
Chris Funk PI Conservation genomics & evolutionary ecology of vertebrates & stream insects Chris.Funk@colostate.edu  Website
Alden Scott Alden Data Manager Database development, data management, IT scooter.alden@gmail.com
Brenna Forester Postdoc Landscape and conservation genomics of tailed frogs (Ascaphus spp.) and Columbia spotted frogs (Rana luteiventris) brenna.forester@colostate.edu Website
beardie Daryl Trumbo Postdoc Landscape genomics of mountain lions (Puma concolor) and boreal toads (Anaxyrus boreas) dtrumbo@colostate.edu
Rebecca Cheek PhD Student (co-advised w/ Cameron Ghalambor) Island Scrub-jay conservation genomics & evolutionary ecology rebecca.g.cheek@gmail.com
Amanda Cicchino PhD Student Tailed frog (Ascaphus spp.) conservation genomics and evolutionary ecology cicchinoamanda@gmail.com
May Maybellene Gamboa PhD Candidate (co-advised w/ Cameron Ghalambor) Channel Islands Song Sparrow conservation genomics & evolutionary ecology maypgamboa@gmail.com
Bennett Hardy PhD Student (co-advised w/ Larissa Bailey) Population ecology and conservation of amphibians bhardy@colostate.edu     Website